Tax Compliance Services

Paragon professionals have executed scrutiny-ready and defendable valuation advice and reports for federal tax compliance.  With IRS review experience up-to-date intelligence regarding tax court precedence, Paragon valuation advice and reports reports are structured with logical and IRS acceptable reasoning that is supported by sound analytic process and well documented reporting.  A significantly high percentage of Paragon valuation studies are quietly accepted by the IRS, state and local taxing authorities. 

The scope of Paragon's business valuation expertise pertaining to Tax Compliance Services of private and public companies are summarized in the following specific applications:

  • Gift and Estate Tax reporting 
  • Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance including reorganizations and recapitalizations
  • Valuation of Family Limited Partnerships
  • Valuation of Employee Stock Options and Restricted Stock.  Read more...
  • Valuation of Covenants and Agreements not to compete
  • Intangible asset valuation


Paragon's experience providing professional tax engagement valuation analysis and reports serves to minimize IRS audit risk.  In addition, with evidence of increasing IRS audit risk and appraisal report requirements, Paragon provides a thorough, proactive understanding of how to contribute to a high quality, well-informed appraisal work product .